We had a very interactive session at ten thousand villages that has a similar business model like Oye India. This is a non-for profit organization that only uses part of its revenue for administration and the balance is paid to the artisan based on a Fair Trade model of helping the talented artisan to be gainfully employed and get benefit of their labour based on healthy relationship and dignity of labour.


We had a long wait at the store before we could speak to the manager and there were a lot of customers going in and out of the store. This afforded us the opportunity to view the buying patterns and decision making process of the customers.

One opprtunity that the review of the product afforded us is that some of our intended products are not available at this boutique and the quality of their items areĀ not high end; which can provide us a market opportunity for differentiation.

Design and uniqueness plays a huge factor and customers buy some of the products as gift to friends and loved ones. In a discussion between the store manager and a customer; it shows that there are a lot of repeat customers who pay frequent visit to the store.

In our discussion with the store manager, she confirmed that there is a lot of demand and the store is always busy. She gave us helpful feedback that price point is something we need to put special attention to pricing decision.

Feedback on the product that may be attractive in the market reveals that we should be considering product 5,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,16,17,18,20,23,24,25 and 27.

We obtained the feedback that customized product is in high demand and quality forms the partnering basis for products.

The store manager provided us the opportunity to come back for a return discussion that will be helpful for our business venture.