We conducted the visit to three Boutiques in Torontoas part of our activities on the 25th of November 2011. This was to validate some of the Hypothesis in our Questionnaire. 

Lucca:The first that we visited was Lucca located at 2031 Yonge St, Toronto ON, M4S 2A2 Phone:416-485-4999


Approximately: three employees work at this company and they generate sales of between $500,000 and $1,000,000 on an annual basis.

Based on our discussion with the proprietress her business model is to source all the materials used for the bedding from India and Import them to Canada. The custom tariff involved is 18% and further print and designs are completed in Toronto. She supplies bedding and quilt to a lot of customers in the US and Canada.

In our interview process, she informed us that the print is a minimal aspect of the production cost; this could be done in India but the problem is that the company would have to pay custom duty for the export to US, if the production is completed in India due to no North America content.

The company is doing the print in Toronto because they enjoys tariff free sales to US due to the NAFTA treaty that covers sales within

North America.

She affirmed that in the last five years, Canadian buyers have warmed up to purchases of items from India and our business looks viable given our product line.

The proprietress indicated interest in proving mentorship and working with us if needed and we are free to come back for further sessions as the need arises.