Interview Questions
Hypothesis 1: There is market of hand made high-end lifestyle products, which are influenced by centuries old Indian tradition.
1. Have they ever shopped for Hand made products?

2. If yes, what product and from where?

3. What do you take into account when buying a hand made product?

4. Show the selected products (around 20) from the Handmade in India Catalog and ask the customers to choose the 5 they like most.

Hypothesis 2:Customer will pay premium price because of its uniqueness (handcrafted and centuries old history) and because they care about social cause aspect.

a. “Would you take it for free?” If “yes”, “Would you pay for it?” if “yes”, “how much?”

b. After that question, explain buyers about our products’ value on the social and environmental cause, and ask “Would you consider social cause when you make a decision? What difference would it make on your purchasing decision?

5. Would you like this product to be customized?

6. If yes what kind of customization would they like?
• Design
• Color
• Material
• Same print/pattern etc but on a different product (Open ended question; Get details)

Hypothesis 3: We can sell high-end lifestyle products online.

1. Would you buy these products online?

2. If no, why?

Hypothesis 4(for interview with boutique stores): High-end boutique stores will be interested in partnering with us.

1. Show the boutique manager the catalog and ask whether they would be interested in partnering with us?

2. Is there a demand of these kinds of products?

3. If we customized the products to customer’s need do they see more demand?

4. What criteria do they use for partnering with different suppliers?

Demographic & General Information

1. Gender
o Male
o Female

2. Age
i. 15 or under
ii. 16 to 20
iii. 21 to 25
iv. 26 to 30
v. 31 to 35
vi. 36 to 40
vii. 41 to 45
viii. 46 to 50
ix. 51 or over

3. Education
What is the highest degree or level of school you have completed? If currently enrolled, mark the previous grade or highest degree received.
o No schooling completed
o High School
o Attended College
o Undergraduate Degree
o Graduate School
o Doctorate Degree (for example: PhD, EdD)

4. Employment Status
Are you currently…?
o Employed for wages
o Self-employed
o Out of work and looking for work
o Out of work but not currently looking for work
o A homemaker
o A student
o Retired
o Unable to work

5. Where Do They Live:
(Indicator of Income level)

6. What Do They Like To Do? What is your top lifestyle activity?
a. Hobbies and Collectibles
b. Home and Gardening
c. Home Decor and Design
d. Parenting
e. Home/Family
f. Women
g. Fashion/Cosmetics
h. Fragrances/Cosmetics
i. Jewelry/Luxury Goods

7. Where Else Do They Shop Online?